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September 9, 2017

Davion Hall

Waco, Texas

UTSA - 17, Baylor - 10

Q. Being back on the field, what was it like for you to be back out there after missing the first game?
DAVION HALL: It meant a lot being able to be back out there with the team and being able to help defensively. Did a lot better than last week but we gotta keep going forward.

Q. Do you think this was a step forward for the defense, just the way they played and did better on getting off on third down too?
DAVION HALL: Yeah, we did a lot better on third down but we've still got a lot of improving to do. And we're just going to keep moving forward, move forward from this game, get ready for Duke.

Q. How is the mood, the mindset; this has got to be tough. You guys aren't used to this?
DAVION HALL: It's part of the game, just gotta keep moving forward, like I said, which we will. Get back in the film room, see where we need to make corrections on and keep moving forward.

Q. Talk about that long drive they had there at the end of the half when you all were throwing the shutout up to then, I think they made five straight third down conversions?
DAVION HALL: I mean, gotta do better communicating. And get a stop. I mean, get the ball out, get more turnovers as a whole on defense.

Q. You have struggled to be able to stay on the field because of various things that have happened. How frustrating has that been for you, and how refreshing even with the loss was it to be back?
DAVION HALL: I mean, it's frustrating not being able to be out there with your brothers and all the work y'all put in. But now I'm back, like I said. We've just gotta keep on moving forward and see what we need to correct on.

Q. How healthy are you now? Are you fully back or are you still dealing with pain?
DAVION HALL: I'm good. I'm good enough.

Q. It's the back, wasn't it?
DAVION HALL: Oh, yeah, and came back and strained my calf trying to come back too early. So I'll be all right.

Q. Did you almost feel like you had to come back even though you still have -- you're not 100 percent because this team needs you and others?
DAVION HALL: I've played banged up since I've been here. So it's not a big deal. As long as I'm able to go, I'm going to go.

Q. What kind of keeps you going?
DAVION HALL: I mean, the brothers that's in that locker room that I'm with, they keep me going. They keep me going. Each and every last one of them.

Q. Coach said he's not going to quit on you guys. I mean, he wants to keep playing with the seniors. Sometimes guys will go with younger guys, but he wants you guys to play. Does that mean something to you?
DAVION HALL: That means a lot. Because with him coming in, I mean we didn't know what to expect. He could have just played all the new guys and just forgot all about us. You know? But I respect what he's doing. And it means a lot.

Q. He said that he was not going to quit on you as long as you don't also quit on him. You don't feel any of that, like, confusion and maybe doubting in the locker room at all?
DAVION HALL: No, not at all. I mean, he's going to stay with us. I know he will.

Q. Does it sting? Does it hurt, that kind of thing?
DAVION HALL: No, not at all. I mean, like I said, he'll stay with us and the whole coaching staff will as well.

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