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September 9, 2017

Marcus Davenport Dalton Sturm

Waco, Texas

UTSA - 17, Baylor - 10

Q. How does it feel finally being (inaudible)?
DALTON STURM: It feels amazing. We've been working towards it. Got a big game week one that got cancelled. There's a lot of, I don't know, (indiscernible) guys that were just ready to be let loose, you know. So we came out here today and we didn't play to the best of our ability but we played good enough.

Now it's just about coming back and working, just working some of the kinks out. First game's always kind of rough. Got some rust on everybody. But just proud of our guys the way we fought through all the adversity we had and we were able to come out with a win.

Q. You were pretty sharp starting out the game. Did you feel good when the game started today? What was going through your mind?
DALTON STURM: Yeah, I felt good. I was comfortable with the game plan, stuff like that. Just was able to go out there and just play football, rather than having to think about stuff and different things on my mind. And being comfortable with the game plan and knowing what the defense was going to do really helps out.

Q. I saw you before the game. You just walked out on the field, over there by yourself, bouncing the ball off the turf. What were you thinking, you had just come out, what was going through your mind?
DALTON STURM: I was just coming out, getting a feel for the turf, stuff like that. A feel for the game ball that I've chosen, make sure that they're good. And the main thing is just to come out and find out where the play clock is. And then finally get a little loose and go back in and get some throws in stuff like that.

Q. Were you visualizing?
DALTON STURM: Yeah, definitely.

Q. Is that what you wanted to do out there?
DALTON STURM: Coach Wilson told us before, whenever we were getting ready, warming up -- I think we were at the hotel -- he said great players and great, successful people actually talk to themselves. So just visualizing stuff that you're going to do in the game and just doing life and stuff like that, that's always a big thing. Just trying to take that to heart.

Q. What does it mean for you guys as players to see the crowd that came up from San Antonio?
DALTON STURM: I mean, UTSA always travels well families. Our family always does a great job -- when I say family, I mean the entire UTSA family. They do a great job just supporting us and stuff like that.

It wasn't really a surprise. I thought they did a great job. They were really loud out there. They helped out a lot.

Q. There seems to be a sense of casualness, you seem so calm on the field this time around. You looked sharp. What are you feeling right now, like, going into the season obviously the first game, but how do you feel that you are going into this season?
DALTON STURM: Definitely feel calm out there. That's one of the big things I worked on, just trying to settle myself in early in the game and be able to understanding the game plan is a big step in that.

So studying all week, stuff like that, understanding what we're going to do in certain situations, that's just really big. So that helped me be able to settle down a lot in the pocket and stuff like that.

Q. Dalton, a lot of people around here have been waiting for a big, breakthrough win like this. You've been through some of the close ones. What's your message to all the fans out there who finally have something to celebrate against a big team?
DALTON STURM: We finished. That's kind of my motto this season just finish. Like you said, we were close with Arizona State. We've been close with Arizona, just a bunch of teams. We were closer with A&M last year too. Just gotta -- our motto is just really finish. Come out strong and fight all the way through the fourth quarter.

Q. You mentioned what Coach Wilson's message was before the game, what was his message to you just now?
DALTON STURM: He was psyched up. I mean everybody is. Just kind of celebrating right now. Just enjoying the win. So he comes in there, just tells us how proud he is of us, that we fought the entire time, which I thought our guys did.

Defense did a hell of a job. They really had our backs the entire game. So that's always a big plus. We always know we can count on them.

Q. Marcus, do you think it helped you guys when (indiscernible) Solomon, two years ago when he was with Arizona?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: I guess. We knew he was a threat anyway. But it's cool to play him again and have that experience.

Q. Marcus, the defense answered the call. Time after time it seemed like they were going to get something going and you guys would stop them on a big third down, or a fourth down. What was it like to be on the field during those times?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: That's really what we expect. I feel like we're a good team, and the defense, that's what we have to do, so that's what we're going to do.

Q. Did it surprise you at all -- this is a team known for ringing up 30, 40, 50 points on people these last few years, one of the highest scoring teams in the nation, and to hold them to 10. I mean, what are your thoughts on that, just the performance overall, holding down an offense like that to 10 points here?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: I'm just proud of my team. It was a team effort -- offense and defense, and special teams. And we believe in ourselves. We feel like we did lose some plays. So it shouldn't have even been that much. But it's a great feeling. But it's not enough.

Q. Marcus, what did it mean to you to have the crowd support that y'all had tonight?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: It was great to see all the orange and blue. I could hear them from where I was. And I was on the opposite side, I could look up and see a spot of orange. It was just beautiful.

Q. You are now the leader in sacks at UTSA. How does it feel to you, the hard work, especially right now, (indiscernible). How do you feel right now?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: Honestly, I wasn't even thinking about that. I'm just happy for my team.

Q. It's not in the back of your mind?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: It's a cool little thing back there. (Laughter).

Q. How are you feeling after playing?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: I'm happy. I know we need to improve. I know I need to improve. So now we just get back to the drawing board, preparing for next week.

Q. Dalton, what about that, you all were not great tonight, but you still came out here and whacked down a Power 5 team? Didn't play great but you still won and you won here. How are you thinking about what you accomplished in that?
DALTON STURM: Shows a lot of potential in our team. We came out here, like you said, we didn't play the best of our ability. I thought the offense moved the ball really well. I thought we moved the ball up and down the field. The only bad thing is we didn't finish on a lot of the drives.

Instead of 17 points I thought we should have had maybe 35 or something like that because we left a lot of opportunities out on the field. There's a lot of just different stuff that I know I did wrong, and that we as an offense just can improve on.

So I mean it being the first game, we're just going to get back there tomorrow and go back and just keep working. Like you said, the defense always has our backs, so whenever you can score 17 points and the defense holds a Baylor team to 10 points, that's pretty good.

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