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September 9, 2017

Clay Johnston

Waco, Texas

UTSA - 17, Baylor - 10

Q. Tough loss. Talk us through the game here.
CLAY JOHNSTON: Obviously it was pretty tough. I thought we played a much better game than last week from a defensive standpoint. We're young. We're still trying to get through the cracks. Just a young team. Get the chemistry going, just come together and we will.

I have all the faith in the world in Coach Rhule and these coaches, and I'm going to just trust the process and we'll get better, we will.

Q. Did you find something in the second half, defense played a little better?
CLAY JOHNSTON: We started clicking. We started clicking. We started just communicating a lot more, just trying to come out hot. We didn't want to have what happened last week with no energy, and so we came out, just a different defense that came out in the second half.

Q. Clay, the locker room can't be too happy right now but how is everybody taking the second loss?
CLAY JOHNSTON: Obviously we're all kind of down. Obviously wanted to win. And you can't say much more than that. But we're just going to trust in these coaches.

Q. You talk about trusting the coaches. Do you feel your teammates are the same way?
CLAY JOHNSTON: Yes, 100%. The team is going to be bought in. We're going to be good. We're growing in the future.

Q. Was anything that they threw at you that you didn't expect? The quarterback got a lot of good runs.
CLAY JOHNSTON: No, we watched a lot of film and tape and knew he could run the ball well. Had a game plan for that with just our "D" line stunts and stuff, try to contain him. But it's just football and you have that sometimes.

Q. You get the best view in the house. Did you feel you saw something a little bit different from the "D" line?
CLAY JOHNSTON: Oh, yeah, they came out with so much energy. I was so proud of them. They came out with more physicality, trying to destroy the "O" line in front of them. I was pulling for them. Just wanted to win.

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