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May 14, 2017

Curt Onalfo

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 1, Los Angeles Galaxy - 3

Q. What did you think of this team?
CURT ONALFO: I mean, certainly the best start we've had all year. I thought our mentality was good. It's tough traveling across the country with everything you deal with, and to be able to put -- have that kind of energy to start and just capitalize on the chances. We knew we had good chances and it was about finishing them, and that just positioned -- very pleased with the performance and obviously a good result.

Q. What did you say to the guys to get the ball going at the start of the game?
CURT ONALFO: I mean, I think it was a lot to do with last week, honestly. And just talking about how I felt like we (inaudible) a team last week, and it was a point of emphasis to be really intelligent, the way they press -- to Red Bull, and credit to our guys for doing a great job.

Q. They had about 60 percent possession in the first half but seemed like you were moving the ball quickly, switching fields. Was that something you saw with their high press, that they might be out in the winds if you're able to switch and find space behind them?
CURT ONALFO: Yeah, we felt like that would be a way to get at them. We felt like we would get chances. But it's just a matter of finishing those chances.

Q. Defensively, the team --
CURT ONALFO: Warrior mentality, really important for our psyche, for our confidence. We're building. And we're just going to keep working every day.

Q. And that emphasis -- seeing the result against Chicago, how much does this help you?
CURT ONALFO: It's three much-needed points, and you just have to know that each game is different. Each week is different. We'll have to travel across the country again next week. So we've just got to make sure that we continue to improve and make sure we do a good job.

Q. What did you think of Romain, it was his fourth goal.
CURT ONALFO: He was outstanding all week in training, and then very good yesterday in training and it translated right to the beginning of the game. He was lights out to start.

Q. There have been a lot of big names come to L.A. throughout the years, but he's a special player for this league.
CURT ONALFO: He is. There's nobody like him, quite frankly, and we knew that. He's done everything we knew he could do.

Q. You called him a fighter before. Is that mentality what helps him on the road? He really seems to up the standard.
CURT ONALFO: I mean, certainly the way he goes about his game, whether it's home or away, he's a winner. He's got a great work ethic and he knows that his coach and club believes in him, and it's a good feeling when you feel that way as a player.

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